Mercier Orchard

I loved my trip but boy am I glad to be home. Right before we left we went to this darling orchard called Mercier. It had a huge impact on me because of not only how well run of an establishment it is but also because the people running it truly believed in their family run business. Every single product that was sold there was from locals in the very same community if not directly from the orchard. They had a fantastic store full of tons of goodies such as apple butter, fresh ciders, and their famous fried apple pies.
Is this place not gorgeous?


We took a mighty big bag of goodies home which included some of the freshest fruit, apple cider donuts, and delicious Amish popcorn.


My amazing boyfriend went along with. I wore a Michael Kors off the shoulder top that I love because of how it makes me feel like summer itself. My white J. Crew shorts are an absolute staple for summer. I even wear them with plain t-shirts (even my sorority t-shirts) and it actually works! A dressed up look with zero effort.


These were heaven in a package. I felt like I was eating candy (we all know I am a sucker for sugar), at least these are healthy and fresh apples.

After a long day of trampling around it felt good to kick off my shoes and eat my apples. I normally don’t look through the shoe department of Target simply because I don’t even really think about it. However, I LOVE these shoes. They go with everything and people always wonder where I purchased them. I love to tell them that I bought them at Target and that they most definitely will not break the bank.

Even if you can’t make it to Blue Ridge, Georgia you should look at the Mercier Orchard website. You can find a lot of really unique gifts and they ship! My mom bought some hard cider as Christmas gifts for the family  which were all made right there at the orchard. They also offer wine, who doesn’t love a good wine.


p.s. In the near future this blog will get an official name to help continue with it’s growth. Thank you so much for all of your support thus far. Let me know your thoughts!

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